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Our spiritual 2nd home has for a long while been ccMixter, I joined in 2005, that’s almost 10 years ago.  _Ghost a few months before me, CDK a few months earlier still.  Time rolls on, we really do need one of those time machine things! (ten years? …maybe it should be a Tin Machine?!)

ccMixter, in spite of us three being a bit rubbish with our contributions, has come a long way.  Some real quality folks have contributed to an ever increasing pool of music, all there for the taking / remixing.   Fill up your mp3 player of choice, it’s all free to download and share.  Fire up your DAW, load up your virtual decks, it’s time to party.

Over the years ccMixter has been so much more than just the place we choose to host our files, it’s somewhere to find great source material for a mix, it’s somewhere to find people we find interesting and engaging, it’s somewhere to share opinions and skills.  Peer review is such a wonderful thing when it’s done right.  A pat on the back, confidence gained from a simple kind word can do so much to encourage and flourish.

Then there’s that whole ugly copyright thing.  Without ccMixter many youtubers would be faced with infringement notices galore, or face the consequence of a return to the silent movie era.  We gained a lot of exposure for Ghost K Stop through AudioSwap, youtube’s snappily named rando-rithm to replace copyright audio with a free alternative.  So we thank the idiotic corporate fat cats for making such a situation possible, but not even 0.00001% of the amount we thank the ccMixter folks for all their hard work over the years.

ccMixter are currently running their first ever fundraiser the project.  After ten years, it’s been a long time coming.  They need our help…

…if you like free music, go throw those guys a few dollars/euros/pounds/yen/bitcoins – money well spent.  If you don’t want to, or can’t spend, then just share the campaign, help with promotion, spread the word.



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If you’ve followed the progress of SLG, from the shy beginnings of politely asking, then insisting on an instrumental version of Waking Me Softly so she could practice singing it.  Then you’ll already know of Chasing Butterflies too (play and download it free on soundcloud).  A beautifully sung gentle song which celebrates the transition from winter through spring and into early summer, we challenged SLG to sing it.  She did and we were so impressed with the results of a song recorded via the awful microphone of an iPad2, we were keen to hear what a better mic would sound like.

We ran a private competition, with a very small group of participants.  The winner was pretty obvious right away, so we decided to upgrade the prize to a professional usb microphone which could be used on an iPad.

We pondered what to do next and came up with the idea of Five Phases.  Wikipedia explains it best, “The Wu Xing, ( wŭ xíng) also known as the Five Elements, Five Phases, the Five Agents, the Five Movements, Five Processes, and the Five Steps/Stages, is a fivefold conceptual scheme that many traditional Chinese fields used to explain a wide array of phenomena, from cosmic cycles to the interaction between internal organs, and from the succession of political regimes to the properties of medicinal drugs. The “Five Phases” are Wood ( ), Fire ( huǒ), Earth ( ), Metal ( jīn), and Water ( shuǐ).”

We conspired to work with SLG on the five song project, to involve her vocally in each of the songs in some way shape or form.   Either singing the lead part, or providing subtle atmospheric vocals to lightly flavor the five songs.

We hope the results will continue to sing for themselves (rather than speak).  This is the first of the series of five, Water.

We loved the song so much we even made a simple video for it, in the hope that it would give a professional look to such a great sounding song.  Be sure to let us know what you think and share the video if you like it, we’d love to have the song reach many more eyes and ears.  Water is available on soundcloud and itunes.

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When the ever awesome and talented Nicolaus Wegner invited us to provide the musical element to the 2nd of his Wyoming Wildscapes series, we jumped at the chance.

Sworn to secrecy, we were able to watch the time lapses in their embryonic form.   It got us all excited!  Wyoming Wildscapes I, now that was impressive in its own right, but these new lapses brought something new and exciting…storms, lightning, massive cloud formations and even a rainbow!  We know enough about photography to understand, there are pictures anyone can take and there are pictures only one can take.  A single moment of pure energy, a never to be repeated sequence of elemental force.  To capture such things took patience, a watchful eye and a bunch of close encounters!

Speaking of which, Devils Tower features in the footage and provided inspiration for both the title of the music and the “native” feel.  Devils Tower is a very spiritual place and there’s a very earthy spiritual feel to the time lapses.

Hopefully we did it justice.

Be sure to drop us a comment if you enjoy the video, here, on youtube, facebook or twitter :)

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