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Our latest release, Metal, has been a long time in the making. Roughly a whole year since we released Water, the first of the five songs from the Five Phases EP.

If you’ve followed the Five Phases project, you’ll know already that Water was the 2nd song we’ve done with the awesome Shimmery Lunar Girl. Hopefully it won’t be the last. Similarly, Metal is the 2nd song we’ve done with Snowflake. It’s interesting to listen to the different vocal styles and how each song required quite distinct arrangement and production from us. Yet they still flow from one to the other. We’re aiming to keep the flow through all the tracks on this EP, as difficult as that may yet prove :)

Fire will be next up, we’re going internal for the vocal on this one, Tacet’s back at the mic.

Oh, btw we’ve made a new page for the Five Phases project, just so you can keep track.

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Exciting times, to start off 2015 with a release of this magnitude 😀  Just when you thought we’d crawled from our turkey-comas only to lapse into a hungover and overly exuberant New Year, here we are with this :

Part Way There, but not as you might already know it, this is the remixed version created by those lovely people who remix for fun on ccMixter.  It’s free to download, share and enjoy.  Creative Commons baby, yeah! 😀

We’re super grateful to everyone who took part in the remix project and particularly to those who we selected for the ten tracks on this “album”.  We’d also like to thank the guys at ArtisTech Media who have released the album on their tunetrack website. Awesome stuff, as is the press release they wrote for it which includes some comments from us 😀


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Our spiritual 2nd home has for a long while been ccMixter, I joined in 2005, that’s almost 10 years ago.  _Ghost a few months before me, CDK a few months earlier still.  Time rolls on, we really do need one of those time machine things! (ten years? …maybe it should be a Tin Machine?!)

ccMixter, in spite of us three being a bit rubbish with our contributions, has come a long way.  Some real quality folks have contributed to an ever increasing pool of music, all there for the taking / remixing.   Fill up your mp3 player of choice, it’s all free to download and share.  Fire up your DAW, load up your virtual decks, it’s time to party.

Over the years ccMixter has been so much more than just the place we choose to host our files, it’s somewhere to find great source material for a mix, it’s somewhere to find people we find interesting and engaging, it’s somewhere to share opinions and skills.  Peer review is such a wonderful thing when it’s done right.  A pat on the back, confidence gained from a simple kind word can do so much to encourage and flourish.

Then there’s that whole ugly copyright thing.  Without ccMixter many youtubers would be faced with infringement notices galore, or face the consequence of a return to the silent movie era.  We gained a lot of exposure for Ghost K Stop through AudioSwap, youtube’s snappily named rando-rithm to replace copyright audio with a free alternative.  So we thank the idiotic corporate fat cats for making such a situation possible, but not even 0.00001% of the amount we thank the ccMixter folks for all their hard work over the years.

ccMixter are currently running their first ever fundraiser the project.  After ten years, it’s been a long time coming.  They need our help…

…if you like free music, go throw those guys a few dollars/euros/pounds/yen/bitcoins – money well spent.  If you don’t want to, or can’t spend, then just share the campaign, help with promotion, spread the word.



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